What is  STOCK clothes?

STOCK clothes are new discounted original brand clothes, shoes, accessories. It could be last season products, returns from shops, overproduction, customer returns.

How to buy?

You can make order by phone or email.  Also you can visit our warehouse and buy goods right now.

How can I get the price offer?

Please fill the contact form and we will provide you with the information, as we do not send price offers to incognito persons.

Do you sell goods by weight (kg) or by pieces?

Some items are sold by kilograms, some by pieces.
You will definitely find the best option for you.

How do you pack goods?

Goods are mainly packed in polypropylene bags, which are secure and reliable for transportation, loading and storage.
Additional inner polythene bag prevents tiny materials from damage.
This kind of package allows the most effective and maximum use of space during loading.
Goods can also be packed in carton boxes, bigger or smaller plastic or PP bags.

How many pieces or kilograms are sold in 1 bag?

It depends on category, season, item etc., usually from 5 to 40 pcs. (when sold by pieces) or from 10 to 20 kg (when sold by kilograms) are packed in 1 bag.

What is the minimum order purchase?

Please be advised that MOQ for online or new buyers in Europe from only 2000 euro. For non EU countries  MOQ 5000 euro.

For smaller purchases you are always welcome to visit our warehouse located in Kaunas city, Lithuania (EU).

Can I inspect goods?

You are welcome to come and check goods in our warehouse.

Do I have to arrange my visit date and time in advance?

There is no advance arrangement needed. About national holidays we inform in NEWS tab.

How can I pay for goods?

We accept bank transfers and cash, no credit cards.

What currency can I pay?


What is delivery terms?

We sell goods on EXW Kaunas terms.
That means, that the Buyer collects goods with his own transport or arranges carrier by himself.
However, we can assist you to find right forwarder to deliver your shipment.
Delivery cost depends on delivery volume, destination country etc., usually forwarders accept min. 1 pallet loads.

Does your price include VAT?

As our wholesale is based on international trade, prices are provided on 0% VAT basis.

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